Bespoke tins


Our bespoke tins are filled with fresh chocolates made and packed especially for you. They are ideal for wedding and party favours but also for a whole range of other events and situations including thanking clients or promoting your business.

The contents, though memorable, can disappear pretty fast. However, people do tend to keep the tins long after the chocolates have gone, so they become a great reminder and keepsake over the months and years to come

Our tins come in 3 sizes:


(14cm x 10cm x 2.8cm high, holding up to 270g)
pretty substantial and great as gifts and for saying thank you.
(9.5cm x 6cm x 2cm high, holding 60-70g)
This tin looks great, especially when it’s snugly filled. (It holds 6 of our heart shaped chocolates very elegantly.) It gives a generous chocolate hit, but can slip neatly into a pocket or handbag with no trouble at all.
(6cm x 4.5cm x 1.5cm high, holding 20-25g — pictured above)
This hold a couple of chocolates and is seriously cute.

When ordering bespoke tins you can choose:

The size of tin
(Regular, dinky or tiddler) — See above.
Which of our chocolates you would like
If we are making chocolates to order, as well as the 5 chocolates contained our standard regular tin (described in our chocolates) you can also select from our lala lime, white chocolate truffle, dark almond praline and our ginger lala.
(NB the last 2 of these, along with our dark truffle and mango sticks, are dairy free and suitable for vegans.)
How you would like them made
Bespoke filled chocolates can be in their usual ‘oblong’ shape or we can mould them in heart shapes (perfect for weddings). We can also finish them with different chocolate designs or flourishes (e.g. we could write initials by hand onto some of the chocolates). If you want your chocolates to be completely unique they can also be individually shaped by hand.
How would you like them wrapped and presented
We can wrap some or all of your chocolates from a selection of coloured foils. We can also fill around your chocolates with fabric or tissue of your choice.
Information leaflet
Each tin will have a small legend or information leaflet describing each chocolate, but the front page can also mention your occasion (or organisation details)… e.g.

Celebrating the
Civil Partnership of
Lucy and Sunita
12th March 2007

Finally, if you want something completely unique:
We can emboss tins with a personalised message
The tins look great, and can be kept as a fantastic long term reminder of you or your special event.
If you want to go down this road we would need to sort out artwork, have a special tool made and then get the tins embossed. This all takes a bit of time and there are design and manufacture costs involved... but if you’re looking for something very special that people will keep, this might be the perfect thing to do.

How much does it cost?

Our bespoke tins start from £7 per unit with a minimum total order of £500. Contact us to see what we could do for you.