General info

General Information

Fresh Chocolates
No preservatives, eat them within 14 days to experience them at their very best.
16°C is theoretically perfect!… anywhere coolish will do (but not so cool as a fridge, as this might dry them out).
This means that our chocolates aren’t identical, and one batch may vary slightly from the next… though we try to make every one of them gorgeous.
If we can source something locally we do, and if there’s a reasonable organic option we use it.
All our chocolates are suitable for vegetarians.
The chocolate is sweet enough, so we don’t add any more sugar (except as part of the lemon curd we make)… and the main ingredient in all of the fillings is chocolate… hoorah!
We use all types nuts (walnuts, peanuts, hazlenuts, pistachio and almonds ) on site so we cannot guarantee nut free.